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Diversity World's "store", this site features products to enhance the efforts of Diversity Allies in improving the workforce participation of people considered to have employment barriers.

Career/Job Development
30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee: A Guide to Success in the Workplace Volume Discounts!
The 6 Reasons You'll Get The Job
Beyond Barriers: To Passion and Possibility (DVD)
Beyond Barriers: Helping vs. Empowering (DVD)
Beyond Barriers: Job Retention and Earnings Gains (DVD)
Beyond Traditional Job Development: The Art of Creating Opportunity Volume Discounts!
Beyond Traditional Job Development: Complete Book on (Audio CD)

Blueprint for Workplace Success: A Guide to Employment Preparation - Workbook NEW Volume Discounts!
Blueprint for Workplace Success: A Guide to Employment Preparation - Intructor's Guide NEW
Cultivating True Livelihood: Curriculum for Activity-Based Placement
Cultivating True Livelihood: In-service Training Program
Cultivating The Spirit To Work: In-service Training Program
Employment Retention Essentials
Here to Stay: Tips and Tools to Hire, Retain & Advance Hourly-Wage Workers
netWORKS: Expanding the Networks of Low Income People
No One is Unemployable
Poems for the Wholehearted Journey (Audio CD) Volume Discounts!
The Wholehearted Journey Volume Discounts!

Disability Resources
A Difference of Ability (DVD)
How One Company’s Disabled Workforce Became the Key to Extraordinary Success
Accommodating Employees with Psychiatric Disabilities (DVD) or (VHS priced to clear)
ADA and Disability Law (VHS only - priced to clear)
All Ways Welcome
Conversations on Citizenship & People-Centered Work NEW
The Disability Factor Volume Discounts!
Entrepreneurship, Self-Employment and Disabilities (DVD) or (VHS priced to clear)
Gateway to Opportunity: Interviewing Job Applicants with Disabilities (DVD)
Get the Marketing Edge: A Job Developer's Toolkit (CD-ROM)
Job Coaching Strategies (Book and DVD)  
Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities
Making Self-Employment Work for People with Disabilities
Music Within: Facilitator Guide for Diversity & Disability Training Volume Discounts!
No More Job Interviews! Self Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities
No One is Unemployable
Open Futures Video 1: People with Disabilities at Work (DVD)
Open Futures Video 2: Employees with Disabilities (DVD) or (VHS priced to clear)
Open Futures: Role Models for Youth with Disabilities (CD-ROM)
Perfectly Able: How to Attract and Hire Talented People with Disabilities
Return to Work for People With Stress and Mental Illness: A Guide for the Case Manager
Supervising an Employee With a Disability (VHS priced to clear)

Taking Pride in That Which Sets Us Apart Volume Discounts!  
The Inclusive Corporation
The Interviewing Edge: For Job Seekers with Disabilities (DVD) or (VHS priced to clear)

The Job Developer's Handbook: Practical Tactics for Customized Employment
The Ten Commandments of Communicating with People With Disabilities(DVD) Volume Discounts!
The Way to Work
Think College
Tools for Change: Disability Identity and Culture (DVD)
Understanding Employees and Job Applicants with Psychiatric Disabilities (DVD) 
Working Relationships: Creating Career Opportunities...Through Employer Partnerships
Working with People with Disabilities: In a Job Placement/Job Retention Environment Volume Discounts!

Diversity Tools
Dialogue Groups: A Practical Guide to Facilitate Diversity Conversation
Discriminate or Diversify NEW
Harassment and Diversity: Respecting Differences (DVD) - Manager Version
Harassment and Diversity: Respecting Differences (DVD) or (VHS priced to clear) - Employee Version
Leveraging Diversity at Work: How to Hire. Retain, and Inspire a Diverse Workforce
Putting Our Differences to Work
Service for All (DVD)
Spice of Life Diversity Training Cards
Understanding White Privilege
We're All Different (DVD)

Payment for Registration of advertised Seminars and Workshops