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We're All Different: Diversity in the Workplace

14 Minute Video - DVD Format

Productivity is the name of the game these days, and most organizations can't afford to let that productivity get slowed by the problems that can easily develop in today’s multicultural workforce. Under pressure to get the job done better, cheaper and faster, it can be difficult for your employees to keep up. The challenge of getting along in a diverse work environment, with people of different backgrounds and cultures, can be the source of added anxiety – and the result can be a real pressure cooker.

We're All Different helps relieve the pressure. Fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding, the video will help you create a workplace that is accepting and respectful of the differences seen in others, while encouraging your employees to see the unique values in each of their coworkers.


  • Heartfelt firsthand narratives.

  • Authentic workplace diversity scenes.

  • An inward look at how they react to differences in others.

Watching the video, viewers are guided to an appreciation of the individual characteristics their coworkers bring to the mix. They'll learn how the fear of being inconvenienced or losing a preferential status might be a cause of their resistance to accepting diversity in the workplace. Your employees will learn to identify and break through stereotypes and prejudices that can prevent them from accepting the differences they see around them.

Don't allow a lack of intrusiveness to become a problem. Use this newly revised diversity awareness DVD to provide a fresh perspective for your team. After all, we're ALL different.

Employees who watch this diversity video will come away with a new appreciation for the changes occurring in today’s workplaces, and an awareness of how they personally perceive the differences in others. 


Appropriate & effective with employees at all levels in your workforce!

Diversity World Comment: This short video is a handy tool to use in introducing this topic to your new and seasoned employees - a great way to launch a longer presentation or discussion.

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