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No One Is Unemployable:
Creative Solutions for Overcoming Barriers to Employment

Authors: Debra Angel and Elisabeth Harney
(Soft Cover, 274 Pages)

This highly acclaimed, notably practical book reveals a proven ten-step process and secret strategies for overcoming any barrier to employment.The easy-to-read format of No One is Unemployable makes it the perfect resource tool for busy employment counselors, concerned vocational teachers and involved family members. It contains over 150 real-life stories, practical tips, and creative solutions for more than 80 barriers commonly faced by the difficult-to-place.

Using No One is Unemployable effectively, career professionals and their clients can meet employment barriers head-on and develop effective strategies to overcome them, redefine them, and and/or turn them into job-search assets.


  • An overview of concepts, programs, language and other basics of job development/job search.

  • A detailed, yet simple 10-step process for helping job seekers to deal comfortably and effectively with their personal employment barriers throughout the job search process.

  • A straightforward guide for understanding employers and approaching them with confidence.

  • An insightful analysis of 80+ common employment barriers and tips on how to manage them successfully.


No One is Unemployable does not shy away from the real-life challenges that job seekers with employment barriers, and their advisors face. Here is a small sampling of the wide range of barriers that are directly addressed in this book.

- Recovering
- Non-recovering
- Older
- Young
- Body Language
- Disfigurement
- Hair Style
- Hygiene
- Presentation
- Tattoos
- Wardrobe
Application Forms
- Incomplete/Messy
- No English
- Poor Spelling
- Lacks Selling Points
- Anger
- Dishonesty
- Lacks Initiative
- Negativity
- Rudeness
- Unprofessional
- Unwillingness to Learn


"Definitely NOT your run-of-the-mill job-search manual, this book is both brilliant and inspiring. Every excuse for calling someone 'unemployable' from body odor to burglary, is met with savvy creativity and solutions that turn your head around. Angel and Harney don't let up until they got you convinced that No One Is Unemployable. The best part is, this stuff clearly works in the REAL WORLD."
Yana Parker, Author The Damn Good Resume Guide

"No One Is Unemployable should be required reading for service delivery professionals in the employment industry who deal with difficult or hard-to-employ populations."
Dan Jusino, Director of Job Development, STRIVE Academy, East Harlem Employment Service

"No One Is Unemployable is one of the few books that I recommend . . . even though it competes with some of my own materials. It is not only an addition to our field, it's my reference book of choice for working with the most difficult populations. Even more importantly, it's a point of view that every agency should consider as their core working philosophy."
Dick Gaither (The Wizard of Work), President, Job Search Training Systems

"No One Is Unemployable is a great tool for those of us who have accepted the challenge to work with people that many have concluded are not yet ready to work. Your ten point approach is easy to read and implement. The examples are enlightening and motivating. The format is user-friendly and fun. I will be recommending it as a valuable resource to the 75 offices we have around the country."
Dean H. Curtis, Chairman, Curtis & Associates, Inc.

"No One Is Unemployable is delightfully practical and the suggestions and model functional. Those of us in organizations serving on the front-lines of the battle to get people employed need No One Is Unemployable."
Lt. Col. Paul E. Bollwahn, ACSW, National Social Service Secretary, The Salvation Army, US National Headquarters

"This book was written by people who have been on the front-lines, and it shows. No One Is Unemployable presents a practical approach to empowering people to build on their strengths, and demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach through dozens of case examples."
Jerry Hill, National Program & Funding Development Consultant

"No One Is Unemployable covers the full range of un-employment problems (many of which are widely overlooked) and provides numerous specific and constructive scenarios and solutions. The book offers GREAT OPTIMISM to all job candidates, based on SOUND JOB-SEARCH STRATEGIES."
Howard Figler, Best Selling Author, The Complete Job Search Handbook and The Career Counselor's Handbook


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