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Understanding White Privilege:
Creating Pathways to Authentic Relationships Across Race

Soft Cover, 200 pages
Author: Frances E. Kendall

Frances Kendall is a nationally known consultant who has focused for more than thirty years on organizational change and communication, specializing in issues of diversity and social justice.  Because she believes that personal and organizational change is possible, she is committed to facilitating the core changes necessary to create work and learning environments that are hospitable to all people.  She doesn't skirt the deeper challenges inherent in helping organizations accomplish that mission.

Racial privilege is hard to see for those who were born with access to power and resources. Yet it is very visible for those to whom it was not granted. In Understanding White Privilege, the author has created an excellent text to help explore the nature and implications of white privilege and how to become an ally for change. The insights in this book are particularly helpful to those who want to work effectively in multiracial settings.

Inviting readers to think personally about how race -- theirs and others' -- frames experiences, relationships, and the way we each see the world, Understanding White Privilege focuses squarely on white privilege and its implications by offering specific suggestions for what we each can do to bridge the racial chasm.

The Chapters:

Chapter 1: Beginning with Ourselves: The Importance of Doing Our Personal Work

Chapter 2: What’s In It For Us? Why We Would Explore What It Means To Be White

Chapter 3: What Does It Mean To Be White?

Chapter 4: Understanding White Privilege

Chapter 5: Barriers to Clarity: What Keeps White People From Being Able To See Our Whiteness and Therefore, Our Privilege?

Chapter 6: Now That (I Think) I understand white Privilege, What do I do?

Chapter 7: Talking about Race: What If They Call Me a Racist?

Chapter 8: Becoming an Ally and Building Authentic Relationships Across Race: The Challenge and Necessity of Making Race Our Issue

Understanding White Privilege is written for individuals and those in organizations who grapple with race every day, as well as for those who believe they don't need to. It is written for those who have tried to build authentic professional relationships across races but have felt unable to do so. It is written for those who believe strongly in the struggle for racial justice and need additional information to share with their friends and colleagues.

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