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Dialogue Groups:
A Practical Guide to Facilitate Diversity Conversation

Soft Cover, 116 pages
Author: Sally Huang Nissan

This book is an excellent guide for professionals who wish to facilitate meaningful diversity dialogues and to develop more positive working environments. It draws on the author's practical and successful experiences with dialogue groups, over several years, in four different organizations.

Dialogue Groups can be a powerful tool for human Resources Professionals, Diversity Professionals, Affirmative Action Coordinators, Trainers and Consultants - anyone wishing to increase understanding and cohesion between employees in the workplace. Using the Dialogue Groups model, facilitators can lead participants through a process designed to:

  • Examine assumptions and stereotypes about others who are regarded as "Different" from themselves - learning to listen deeply with an open mind, thus broadening their perspectives.

  • Explore "hot buttons" (sensitivities), and "blind spots" (out of awareness) to focus on personal development. The insights they gain about themselves help them remove barriers and become successful human beings.

  • Develop effective interpersonal relationships with those who are seen as "different" from themselves. Through shared learning and development of mutual trust, they are more likely to let down defenses and remove barriers for relationships.

  • Develop leadership skills by modeling the appropriate behavior (empathy, authenticity and sensitivity) and effective communication skills. Group leaders learn about group process, leadership qualities and skills that inevitably transfer to other areas of endeavor outside of dialogue groups.

"To value differences means to let go of our preconceived notions about differences. It means an ability to allow different perspectives to enter our world view, thus enhancing and enriching ourselves."
- Sally Huang Nissen

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