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Beyond Barriers:
Coaching Customers on Job Retention & Earnings Gains

DVD, Running Time 1 Hour 48 Minutes,
and CD-ROM with Supporting Documents

Presented by: Jodie Sue Kelly, Cygnet Associates


Sometimes helping customers and clients get a job is the easy part. For many, its keeping the job and advancing toward self-sufficiency that presents the problems.

In this fast-paced, two-hour session, Jodie Sue Kelly examines what post-placement services need to be available to help clients retain and advance in jobs. She offers practical techniques for building job retention into placement as well as techniques that get results after they get the job.

One of the key problems with coaching customers after placement is that customers often don't want the service. She examines how to sell post-placement services to customers so they will want to participate. One strategy for helping clients advance in jobs includes providing more training, but in times of scarce resources training cant be accessed by everyone. But everyone can learn how to keep jobs and increase their paychecks.

In this session you will:

1. Identify the difference between retention and advancement services

2. Identify the critical points for follow-up

3. Identify how people advance in jobs

4. Learn what employers look for to advance customers in jobs

5. Get techniques for selling post-placement services so customers want to participate

6. Get examples of how to write effective retention and advancement case notes

7. Find out what to ask customers to get the information you need to coach them


 "Jodie is a great trainer. She is easy to listen to and understand, and kept the topic interesting. I would recommend Jodie Sue Kelly to anyone working in the employment field."

"Sometimes we tend to focus on the barriers and problems instead of looking forward and assisting our clients to move ahead in the workforce. All staff working in this field would benefit from this training. Jodie Sue Kelly is not only informative, but funny and entertaining."

"Jodie Sue Kelly has a lot to say about income advancement, and, truly, that is something that we don't have much time in my County to focus on. But now I will make it a point to use what I learned at work."

Each DVD Kit includes:

  • The complete two-hour training session on DVD, segmented into easy-to-access chapters

  • A CD with the training materials as a PDF file to make it easy to print additional copies


** NOTE: Beyond Barriers to Passion and Possibility was originally presented as part of a National Teleconference series from the Workforce Development Network/NYATEP Inc.

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