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Beyond Barriers:
Helping vs. Empowering

DVD, Running Time 1 Hour 48 Minutes,
and CD-ROM with Supporting Documents

Presented by: Beverley Ford, ASM Associates


A primary focus of your work is to move participants toward greater self-sufficiency. You want them to take more responsibility for and control of their lives. Yet you may find that you are doing tasks for participants and then becoming frustrated when they become dependent on you. At the same time you do not want to abandon people who come to you for help.

In this fun-filled, interactive, two-hour session, Beverly Ford gives you practical strategies for shifting your helping approaches to ones that empower participants to partner with you. In this session you will learn how to:

  • Change helping words into empowering ones

  • Make the participant the lead partner and you the back up partner

  • Use participant strengths and resources in combination with yours

  • Build plans with participants rather than for them, and

  • Engage participants in sharing responsibility for solving problems.

DVD Menu for Beyond Barriers to Passion and Possibility

  • Introduction
  • Defining Self-Sufficiency
  • The Process
  • Empowering Principles
  • Partnership
  • Strategies
  • Partner for Planning: Demonstration
  • Review the Process
  • Problem solving


"Beverly's presentation gave me food for thought about how I am interacting with my customers, and it made me more cognizant of the strategies that I can use to empower the people with whom I work."

"Everyone who works with individuals and assists with goals can learn from this training. I will use Beverly's ideas when meeting with my customers to try to empower them."

"Beverly is brilliant. Her thoughts and ideas are realistic and clear and I will be able to put them into practice immediately. Anyone who works helping others should see this session."

Each DVD Kit includes:

  • The complete two-hour training session on DVD, segmented into easy-to-access chapters

  • A CD with the training materials as a PDF file to make it easy to print additional copies


** NOTE: Beyond Barriers to Passion and Possibility was originally presented as part of a National Teleconference series from the Workforce Development Network/NYATEP Inc.

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