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Employment Retention Essentials:
Building a Retention-Focused Organization

Written by: Carol Clymer, Laura Wyckoff
Published by: Public/Private Ventures
(Paperback, Coil Bound, 85 Pages)

Employment retention is one of the critical challenges facing the workforce field today. For any organization that seeks to improve retention services, Employment Retention Essentials is an invaluable resource. User-friendly and filled with practical ideas, this guide offers concrete tools for keeping people working, including tips on how to involve employers, build relationships and stay in contact with participants.

Employment Retention Essentials can help you:

  • Build an organization where every staff member focuses on retention and advancement.

  • Support participants in finding and keeping good jobs.

  • Work with employers to reduce turnover.

  • Form partnerships that benefit everyone, job seekers and employers alike.

  • Increase your organization’s retention rates.

Employment Retention Essentials can take your workforce development efforts to the next level.


  1. Focus on Retention Continuously

  2. Developing Trusting Relationships with Participants

  3. Involve Employers

  4. Get People Into Jobs They Will Keep

  5. Help People Establish a Work History

  6. Provide Opportunities to Develop Skills

  7. Help People Deal with Challenges

  8. Provide Ongoing Support

Each section includes information, examples and tools for the leaders of organizations, the organization's program managers and front-line staff members.

Employment Retention Essentials provides a framework for developing the knowledge, actions and behavior that make up effective employment retention strategies - and a feel for what it takes to be an organization with successful retention results.

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