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Harassment and Diversity: Respecting Differences

16 Minute Video - VHS or DVD Format

Every employee has the right to enjoy a harassment-free work environment!

Every organization has the responsibility to maintain a harassment-free workplace!

This training video convincingly explains that every employee has the responsibility to maintain a harassment-free workplace! 

Harassment and Diversity shows how harassment can creep into any diverse workplace, and provides clear guidance on how to put a stop to it. Harassment is not just about sex. It can also be about race, religion, age, disabilities and other protected characteristics. All employees have the right to work in an environment free of hostility, where courtesy and mutual respect are the dominant attitudes. 

The EMPLOYEE Version of this popular workplace diversity training video focuses on employee sensitivity and awareness. It teaches why a harassment policy that emphasizes a respect for coworker differences is not only required by the law, but is also the right thing to do.

Both the manager and employee harassment training videos revolve around a dramatic story showing an all-too-common situation, where diverse cultural backgrounds test employees' interpersonal skills, and friction grows from "just kidding around" into illegal harassment. Our narrators, Littler Mendelson employment law attorneys Bruce Sarchet and Kevin O'Neill, provide their expertise and legal perspective.


  • Appropriate behaviors that will help maintain a harassment-free workplace.

  • When "joking around" crosses the line and becomes workplace harassment.

  • It's not the intent that matters, but how the behavior is perceived by the recipient that counts. 

  • Why the employer's harassment prevention policy must be taken seriously.

  • What to do when someone is the target of harassment. 


Harassment and Diversity  is an excellent teaching tool to support workforce diversity, to curb harassing behaviors, and to teach appropriate interventions. It is appropriate for managers, supervisors and any other employees who may need to handle harassment complaints.


Each order comes with an attractive and compact 23-page Study Guide that covers all of the major "teaching points" made in the video. Additional copies of the Study Guide can be purchased separately.


Harassment and Diversity videos come in Closed Caption format. A version with Spanish subtitles is also available.


Diversity World Comment: We found this video to be engaging and informative - clearly communicating what constitutes "harassment" and how it should be dealt with appropriately - respecting diversity amongst coworkers and protecting them from intended and inadvertent harassment. We were additionally surprised and pleased that the producers used "disability" as the main focus of harassment depicted in the dramatization. Non-US Customers: Please note that while the principles of discrimination and harassment have universal applicability, there are some specific references to US legislation.

Harassment and Diversity - Employee Version

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Harassment and Diversity - Manager AND Employee Versions (2 DVDs)

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Harassment and Diversity - ADDITIONAL STUDY GUIDES

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