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Here to Stay:
Tips and Tools to Hire, Retain and Advance Hourly-Wage Workers

Written by: Carol Clymer, Laura Wyckoff
Published by: Public/Private Ventures
(Paperback, Coil Bound, 89 Pages)

Much has been written about retaining high performers and upper management. But where can businesses go for advice about keeping their lesser-skilled, hourly-wage workers?  Based on the practices of businesses that value their workers, Here to Stay offers a series of cost-effective actions, including hiring the right people, welcoming them, retaining them and developing their talents for the company's benefit.

In developing Here to Stay, nearly 100 companies were interviewed - from coast to coast. The guide focuses particularly on the practices and policies of ten companies who rely heavily on hourly workers and for whom employee retention is central to their business strategy.

Here to Stay is an ideal resource for:

  • Owners of small and medium-sized businesses

  • Human resources staff

  • Managers or shift foremen

  • Workforce development organizations

Employers can use this guide to better understand what motivates new employees to develop a sense of belonging and desire to succeed - how their own actions, their workplace culture, their policies and procedures, can all be influential in the retention and long-term success of new hourly employees.

Workforce development organizations can use the guide to understand business practices that keep lower-income workers on the job; to generate ideas to help employer partners who are experiencing high turnover; to provide content for newsletters, presentations or workshops for the business community; and as a resource—and a thank you—to businesses that hire their job seekers.


These sections are arranged chronologically from recruiting to hiring, orienting, retaining and asset building. Cumulatively, the information can help you to create a work environment that encourages - and allows - your hourly-wage workers to stay on the job, increase their productivity and become true assets to your business.

  • Section 1: Not Just a Warm Body, But a Real Match

  • Section 2: Welcome to our World

  • Section 3: Staying Made Easier

  • Section 4: They Learn, You Benefit

  • Section 5: Partner for Retention

Presented in a highly reader-friendly format, each section includes information, insights,  resources and practical tools and for implementing best practices.

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