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The Inclusive Corporation: A Disability Handbook for Business Professionals

Author: Griff Hogan
(Soft Cover, 330 pages)

“Treating the atypical customer or employee as a fellow human being ought to be more common than it is, and can easily be much more so.”
– Griff Hogan

When more than 70% of working-age people with disabilities are unemployed - and when employers themselves point to their own lack of knowledge and discomfort as one of the major reasons for this, it is shocking that more concerted effort hasn’t been put into resources for educating employers on disability issues.

Hats off to Mr. Hogan for compiling this very thoughtful and thorough book! Combining his professional background in disability concerns with the knowledge he has gleaned as a consultant to the business community, the author has produced a very readable and highly instructive handbook for employers.

The Inclusive Corporation covers a lot of territory. In the opening pages, it gives the reader a solid appreciation for the broader social, legal and historical context of the disability community. It then squarely addresses the prevailing issues of attitudinal bias and social discomfort. Lastly, it provides practical guidance on policies and practices that enable companies to effectively include people with disabilities in their workforces.

The Inclusive Corporation addresses more than just employment issues, however. Mr. Hogan gives recognition to the large customer base that people with disabilities represent. From product design through to retail sales and promotional advertising, this book provides solid guidance on how companies can make their products and services accessible and disability-friendly.


Chapter 1: A Trillion dollar Market

Chapter 2: Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act

Chapter 3: Diversity, Disability and Inclusion

Chapter 4: Disability Stereotypes and Myths

Chapter 5: Language and Etiquette Strategies

Chapter 6: Disability and Innovation

Chapter 7: Profiles of Four Business Leaders

Chapter 8: A Plan for Inclusive Employment, Part I: Pre-Employment Issues

Chapter 9: A Plan For Inclusive Employment, Part II: On-the-Job Issues

Chapter 10: A Plan for Inclusive Marketing, Part I: Accessibility Issues

Chapter 11: A Plan for Inclusive Marketing, Part II: Message, Media, and Image Issues

(Included in the Appendices are an Inclusive Employment Checklist, an Inclusive Marketing Checklist and a variety of Resource listings for employers.)


Written primarily for those in the business community, The Inclusive Corporation is an exciting new resource. It will be welcomed by business leaders who want their workforces and customer bases to be more inclusive of people with disabilities.

Naturally, it is also a terrific resource for Employment and Training professionals who are working in partnership with their business communities to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

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