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Poems for The Wholehearted Journey
Author: Denise Bissonnette. (CD, Approx. 67 Minutes)


On this CD, Denise recites the twenty-one original poems contained in her book The Wholehearted Journey. The central theme for each Chapter of The Wholehearted Journey is introduced by one of these poems.

As Denise recites them, the listener is taken on a moving journey that is delightfully woven through subtle yet profound truths of the human experience. True to the spirit of her work, Denise's poems both affirm us in our current life's journey and challenge us with new opportunities to live our lives with greater conviction and passion.

Buy one for yourself - and see why Poems for the Wholehearted Journey will also make a unique and memorable gift for friends and family members!

Because of its strong focus on authenticity and self-expression in the workplace, A Pilgrim's Plea is also an excellent career-oriented tool for staff/employees. A great resource for seminars on job search and career development!


  1. I Dedicate This Day

  2. Unlived Dreams And Rising Bread

  3. Arriving

  4. Nurture Your Nature

  5. Rekindle The Flame

  6. The Masquerade

  7. New Wings

  8. Lessons From The Apple Tree

  9. Meadowlarks

  10. The Puppeteer: An Ode To Work

  11. The Beauty Of Today

  1. The Journey To Belong

  2. On Second Thought

  3. At The Feet Of The World

  4. A Heart Contained

  5. Hands

  6. I Want To Live In Color

  7. Not One Alike

  8. Rhythm

  9. Veil Of Wonder

  10. A Pilgrim's Plea


"A wonderful thing happened to me today ... I had the good pleasure of listening to your CD. I would share with you the impact it has had, is having, on me, but I am not sure yet what it will be. Surely it touched me on a very deep level, but it also shook me several times and slapped me at least once. So, knowing it will not convey the gratitude I feel and realizing that I don't have words that do, I offer a simple and heart felt "thank you" ... for nurturing your nature and daring to share it with us, with me. "

"We sat down last night after dinner and allowed ourselves to be totally captured by the beauty of your poetry and its exquisite delivery!!! Oh... we can think of so many who would thoroughly enjoy it!"

"What a treat to hear such inspirational poetry -
filled with the love of life in every line!"

"A good friend of mine a had just played Denise’s CD to her mother. They had called me in tears after they had listened to it. Her mother was beside herself and wanted to get two copies of it!!! 'Well, she said I am still in tears...I love her poems.' I asked her which one she liked the best? She said 'I LOVE ALL OF THEM'!!!!!"

Special Pricing for Five (5) or More Copies

Buy five (5) or more copies and save! Perfect personal gifts or professional development tools. These CD's are:

  • Excellent career-oriented tools for staff/employees.
  • Unique and memorable gifts for friends and family members.
  • Great resources for seminars on job search and career development.


Our good friend Bruno Grossi is an accomplished musician and songwriter. The musical "bridges" between the poems on this CD were composed and performed by Bruno. For more information on Bruno's music, Click Here.

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