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Leveraging Diversity at Work:
How to Hire, Retain and Inspire a Diverse Workforce for Peak Performance and Profit

Soft Cover, 208 pages
Authors: Kim Olver & Sylvester Baugh

"Diversity without unity makes about as much sense as dishing up flour, sugar,
water, eggs, shortening and baking powder on a plate and calling it a cake."

 - C. William Pollard

Are you ready to profit from our differences?

A diverse workforce is one of your greatest assets, yet precious few companies have learned to leverage its power. Beyond recruitment and hiring, many businesses fall short when it comes to retention and motivation of the diverse workforce they worked so hard to employ. For minority employees, the missing piece is often a strong sense of self and an appreciation for who they are and what they offer.

Leveraging Diversity at Work goes beyond calling for diversity to give business leaders the knowledge and tools they need to profit from our differences.  Minority workers will also find real-world inspiration for contributing to their company’s vision, mission and success.

This book helps companies who understand the value of diversity to build, retain and leverage the diverse workforce they need to be competitive in this country, as well as the global market. The book starts in the very beginning where most books and training programs don’t. Before any executive can implement long term organizational change, the company must ensure the cooperation and conviction of its employees. I am reminded of the saying, “If you think you are leading and no one is following, then you are just out for a walk.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Move beyond valuing diversity to leveraging its power
  • Get buy-in from everyone before imposing diversity initiatives
  • Reduce turnover by keeping people motivated to perform
  • Eliminate stagnation at entry-level positions
  • Convert equal opportunity to an advantage at upper levels of management
  • Ensure follow-through on training and program implementation

Leveraging Diversity at Work lays the foundation for the transformational work that must be done first with every member of a company. First of all, the members of the majority culture---in the business community that is generally white, upper middle class males---must understand the reason why managing diversity is in the company’s best interest. Then, they must develop some empathy for what it truly is like for members of the minority culture. Only after that inside out work is accomplished will a managing diversity program be effective. Without the internal mindset sift, any diversity initiatives will be undermined, either consciously or subconsciously by the majority culture and those in positions of power.

Uniquely, this book also addresses the responsibility of minorities in creating an environment where diversity is valued. Until members of a minority culture can embrace who they are and recognize the true value that they bring to the table, it makes it difficult for others to value what they have to offer. This book helps minorities develop a strong sense of self and an appreciation for what they have and who they are so that they can solidly add to their company’s vision, mission and strategic planning.

Leveraging Diversity at Work: How to Hire, Retain and Inspire a Diverse Workforce for Peak Performance and Profit is the book that will truly assist companies in their journey toward cultural competence and a true sense of valuing diversity from both a personal and business perspective.


The fifteen chapters of Leveraging Diversity at Work include:

  1. What Is Culture?

  2. Cultural Factors

  3. Why We Connect Visually

  4. Values, beliefs and Righteousness

  5. Myths

  6. Stereotypes

  7. Prejudice

  8. Discrimination and Oppression

  9. Majority Privilege

  10. Identity Development

  11. Valuing Oneself

  12. Leaving Your Comfort Zone

  13. Compromising Our Culture

  14. Communication

  15. Connecting Through Similarities and Celebrating Differences


“… a fresh approach to teaching workplace diversity. Rather than simply stating facts and preaching about the importance of cultural competence, they have interjected their own personal experiences of facing challenging interactions both in the workplace and in their private lives. They give the reader permission to forgive him/herself for past mistakes and intolerances, while at the same time putting the responsibility on the reader to be the force of change.”

“A bottom-line, rubber meets the road guide to profiting from the diversity you worked so hard to create. A must-read for all business professionals.”

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