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A Guide To Expanding The Employment Networks Of Low Income People

Written by: Carol Clymer, Laura Wyckoff
Published by: Public/Private Ventures
(Paperback, Coil Bound, 144 Pages)

This user-friendly guide offers practical ideas and step-by-step guidance on how organizations can incorporate networking into their programs. netWORKS provides detailed instructions for classroom activities and assignments, and indispensable “tip sheets” on everything from planning a networking party to networking online. The guide is ideal for:

  • Program managers looking for ways to improve services and their organization’s performance;

  • Trainers helping participants develop effective job-seeking skills; and

  • Job developers, who can be more successful when participants are actively involved in their own job search.

In some ways, employment and training organizations, their programs and staff serve as a network for low-income job seekers. With employer contacts and the ability to vouch for skills and reliability, organizations can be important bridges to better jobs. However, programs may become even more effective by helping participants to build their own networks, which they will be able to use well after they leave the program.


The networks Guide is divided into five key sections - most with their own set of "Classroom Activities", corresponding assignments, and Tip Sheets for participants.

SECTION 1 Learn Why Networking Is Important To You

  • Classroom Activity: Take a Look At Your Network

  • Classroom Activity: Learn How Most People Find Jobs

  • Classroom Activity: Learn how To Expand Your Own Network

SECTION 2 Gain Networking Skills

  • Classroom Activity: Develop A Personal Commercial

  • Classroom Activity: Use A Business Card

  • Classroom Activity: Make Networking Conversation

  • Classroom Activity: Target Network Members

SECTION 3 Practice Networking In A Safe Environment

SECTION 4 Network In The Real World

  •  Classroom Activity: Conduct Informational Interviews

SECTION 5 Continue To Build Your Network

  • Classroom Activity: Assemble An Inner Network

  • Classroom Activity: Maintain Your Network

netWORKS was developed to be a flexible resource for employment and training organizations seeking to expand their participants' employment networks. Managers, trainers and job developers can choose, adapt and integrate the activities in ways that make sense for their programs and participants.

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