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Beyond Barriers:
To Passion and Possibility

DVD, Running Time 1 Hour 48 Minutes,
and CD-ROM with Supporting Documents

Presented by: Denise Bissonnette, Diversity World


Imagine the difference in working with a person stuck on the question “What does this program have to offer me given all of my problems and challenges?” to working with someone engaged in the question “What do I have to offer the world and how do I go about finding the best place to utilize my strengths and gifts?” In this fast-moving, dynamic two hour presentation, Denise Bissonnette offers practical and innovative ways to assist people in changing their focus from their limitations and barriers to their assets and gifts.

Drawn from her popular books and curricula developed over the last twenty years, Denise presents several “key inquiries” to identifying a person’s passion, uncovering their work preferences, and envisioning fresh possibilities in the world of work. The ideas and techniques presented can be used as part of a job club, in a job search workshop, or in one-on-one counseling situations. This thought-provoking session is recommended for those who support and assist individuals to become employed including employment counselors, job developers, job search instructors, job club leaders, and case managers. 


The DVD contains almost two full hours of valuable tools and insights for employment and training professionals. It can be effectively used both as an in-service training for your organization’s current staff and as an educational tool for future new employees. Show the DVD in its entirety to fully replicate the original two hour training session, or select topics from the DVD Menu to conduct a series of 10 to 20 minute “mini sessions” – breaking the content down to “bite-sized” pieces that will encourage discussion and interaction on the topic while fitting it into the timeframes available in busy meeting and training agendas.

DVD Menu for Beyond Barriers to Passion and Possibility

  • Introduction
  • New Eyes and a New Mind
  • Your Favorite Problem
  • What You Have Overcome?
  • Why do You Want It?
  • What Are Your Gifts?
  • What Do You Love?
  • What Do You Care About?
  • What Will You Accept?
  • Blue Skies (Poem)



The accompanying CD-ROM contains documents (in PDF format) that support Denise’s presentation:

  • 22-page Handbook of materials covered in the training session (drawn from her popular programs; Beyond Traditional Job Development and Cultivating True Livelihood).
  •  3-page Facilitator’s Guide: Denise’s recommendations for using the tools in both individual counseling and group training sessions.
  • Text for “Blue Skies” - Denise’s powerful new poem which she uses to close the training session.



"This presentation reinvigorated me and gave me new found energy to do my job. I love the packet that Denise gave to use. I will use everything in there."

"Denise is an inspiration. I love her energy and her story-telling abilities. She really knows how to captivate an audience."

"Anyone who deals with customers - be it job seekers or employers - would benefit from this session."


** NOTE: Beyond Barriers to Passion and Possibility was originally presented as part of a National Teleconference series from the Workforce Development Network/NYATEP Inc.

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