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Discriminate or Diversify

Author: Enrique Ruiz
(softcover, 619 pages)

As a leader, Discriminate or Diversify will help you:
•  Create a stronger, more productive and engaged workforce;
•  Develop a corporate culture where all employees feel included, respected, comfortable and able to do their
   best work;
•  Understand how (and why) people of different backgrounds "tick";
•  Welcome different perspectives and innovation that can offer unique competitive advantages;
•  Identify subliminal bias and prejudices;
•  Be your own change master;
•  Leverage the ability to make optimum decisions in situations where there are differences, similarities and
   related tensions;
•  See the benefits and limitations of different norms;
•  Structure synergistic and compelling work environments;
•  Accelerate years of understanding and insight into interpersonal relationship building and communication; and
•  Compound the three C's (curiosity, compassion and creativity) of your team members to yield far greater results
   than any individual could achieve alone.

Given the proper nurturing, appreciation and freedom of expression, Diversity is one of the most powerful leveraging tools available to mankind. Greater richness, satisfaction and effectiveness are possible in this complex world. To expand our horizons we need to look across psychological fences of cultural division, political boundaries, gender and educational differences, and even physical limitations, to understand the possibilities and reap the rewards!

Move away from the awkward, superficial, ineffective and controversial dialogue as summarized by a Las Vegas reporter in 2009 covering Diversity topics as:

•  Political correctness,
•  Statistical achievement,
•  Focus on color and gender representation,
•  Feel good "multiculturalism" drivel, and
•  "Inter-group" dialogues to "explore, question and confront existing tensions and divisions."

Develop enhanced diplomatic, cultural and social skills by better understanding individuals. Each individual has a history -- one that includes experiences, culture, faith, family, survival and education -- and so each of us has a completely different vantage point. These differing perspectives, if properly and fully tapped, can offer a tremendous competitive advantage to organizations. Most training programs, however, are regarded by workers as superficial and a waste of time. The basic message of "embrace diversity because it is good for us and it is the future" often fails to resonate or to offer effective strategies for how to understand and connect, not just accept, one another.

In a global society where we're all more closely intertwined than ever before, we depend on each other locally and internationally. Discriminate or Diversify has been recognized as a one-of-a-kind compendium, exploring and highlighting the commonalities of different cultures, faiths, skin color, complexion, customs, education, experience. Readers begin to see their own hidden biases and prejudices -- and begin to understand "the other side," so they can build bridges of trust where intellectual capital reservoirs can be willingly created.

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