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Return to Work for People with Stress and Mental Illness: A Guide for the Case Manager

Author: Richard Pimentel
(Softcover, Coil-bound)

This is an excellent guide written by Richard Pimentel for the medical Case Manger working with employers, claims staff, medical care providers and patients in the return-to-work process for employees with stress and/or mental illness.

Medically, stress and mental illness are just as real as being blind or having a broken leg. However, our society chooses to view them very differently. When dealing with employees who have stress or mental illness, employers' reactions range from anger to fear and confusion.

The politics of return-to-work of employees with stress or mental illness is the next great challenge for the return-to-work Case Manager. This book was written to help the Case Manager or return-to-work coordinator face that challenge successfully. It gives helpful guidance in developing and implementing return-to-work strategies for employees who have work-related and non-work-related stress. A separate chapter covers special considerations in return-to-work for folks with mental illness.


  • The Definition of Stress

  • Causes of Stress

  • Attitude about Work-Related Stress

  • How to Recognize Stress

  • Stress Prevention

  • Workers' Compensation and Stress

  • Transitional Employment Issues and Application

  • The American with Disabilities impact on
    Stress-Related Illnesses


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