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Service for All: Customer Service in a Diverse World

11 Minute Video - DVD Format

Use this customer service DVD to teach your employees that all customers deserve equal treatment.

Your customers. Some are elderly. Some have different ethnic backgrounds. Some are from other countries. One thing they have in common, though, is that they all deserve the same level of service and respect. Yet, as well-publicized denial-of-service settlements have shown, sometimes customers do not receive equal treatment.

This customer service DVD helps you create a culture of inclusiveness in every one of your locations. It makes the point that every customer deserves excellent customer service—regardless of age, ethnicity or national origin.

Help ensure that your employees understand that even the slightest discrimination against customers will not be tolerated.


Service for All  is great tool for helping all of your employees to understand the importance of treating all customers with dignity and respect.

Diversity World Comment: This short video is a handy tool to use in introducing this topic to your new and seasoned employees - a great way to launch a longer presentation or discussion.

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