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Spice of Life Diversity Training Cards
Deck of 47 Playing Cards for Diversity Training
Developed by: Dr. Devona Williams

Use the Spice of Life Diversity Cards to add fun and excitement to diversity training sessions! Foster interactive dialogue on diversity and inclusion using a deck of 47 cards featuring questions and group activities on four major areas of diversity awareness: Knowledge, Understanding, Acceptance and Behavior.

Dr. Devona Williams, who developed the Spice of Life Diversity Card Training Tool, has conducted soft skills training, consulting and professional speaking successfully for over thirteen (13) years. The Spice of Life tool is the result of a comprehensive three (3) year project. The scenarios and questions presented in the tool were drawn from the comments and issues raised by hundreds of participants in actual training sessions with government, non-profit and corporate sectors. "It's really a tool for trainers, leaders and people who are facilitating discussions about diversity," Williams says.
“In such sessions, the leader can ask people to discuss the questions as a small group or in paired activity, and discuss what the solution or answer would be."


The Spice of Life cards are divided into color-coded categories representing the key diversity realms of knowledge (violet), understanding (magenta), acceptance (green) and behavior (orange). The deck also includes three wild cards that address one of more of these areas. The cards pose questions and present scenarios that stimulate discussion and frank discussions – all focused on devising appropriate responses and solutions.

The questions are challenging. They may make you uncomfortable; they'll certainly test your sense of fairness. Participants in a group setting might squirm in their chairs. A sampling:

  • List 10 ideas for the workplace that will foster tolerance.

  • Do you tolerate or intervene when inappropriate prejudicial and stereotypical comments are made?

  • You are a racial minority and someone from your work team makes a racial or ethnic joke. How do you feel? What do you say to that person? What do you think is the best way to handle the situation? Have you ever been the target of such jokes? Have you ever repeated such jokes? Why?

  • You finally meet someone face-to-face with whom you have been in contact with only by phone. You are surprised that he is severely disabled and in a wheelchair. How does this discovery make you feel? How will you react?

  • Develop an employment/job opening campaign that encourages a diverse applicant pool.


“A great new addition to the Diversity training tool box, from someone who really knows the business.”
-  Barry J. Davis, VP of Marketing, Inscape Publishing

“We had a chance to use your Spice of Life™ Diversity Cards during a diversity workshop we presented in May. We found them to be extremely helpful and thought provoking. We used the cards to help people understand the four key areas of diversity...knowledge, understanding, acceptance and behavior.  After discussing each area, we had an attendee choose a relevant card and we all discussed the question as a group. This led to some very spirited conversation and helped people begin to examine their preconceptions.  It was great!!”
- Donna Hooker, Career Coach/Trainer, IManage Development

"The Spice of Life™ Diversity card deck is the most innovative and effective tool I’ve seen for training purposes on the topic of diversity. It’s a unique way to engage participants and create a positive work atmosphere.  I recommend the fascinating tool as a versatile and thought provoking method for any public sector group.”
- Babette Racca, Vice President of Development and Marketing, Innovative Schools Development Corporation


Available separately, the Spice of Life™ Expanded Facilitator's Guidebook contains a complete set of suggested answers for the questions, scenarios and activities contained in the Spice of Life™ Card Tool deck of 47 cards. The comprehensive guide is organized in the same order as the deck of cards for each area of discussion: Knowledge, Understanding, Acceptance and Behavior. The guide includes a table of contents, core competencies for diversity trainers, glossary and references. (Coil-bound, 22 pages)

Spice of Life Diversity Cards

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